CNC & Automation

FANUC South Africa supplies Factory Automation and CNC systems to local Machine Tool Builders and Retrofitters who specialise in rebuilding and retrofitting machines and extending their life or changing their function..

The FANUC 0i Model F CNC is the world’s most popular CNC system. They are highly reliable systems ideal for standard type machines such as lathes and machining centres. They feature a wide variety of combinations from the low-cost Package 5 0i Model F to the 2 path capable 0i Model F. These are ideal for retrofitting and will extend the life of your machine by many years.



The FANUC 30i Model B series are systems designed for more complex machine configurations such as multi-axis and multi-path machines. They can drive up to 32 servo axes and can feature full 5 axis simultaneous machining, depending on the configuration.

The 35i Model B is designed for transfer lines and Powermotion applications.



The FANUC Powermotion i Model A is a motion control designed for general industrial machines such as presses, stamping machines, filling machines, winding machines, etc. This control is capable of driving up to 32 servo axes.



Your FANUC Control is capable of more than it was originally set up to do. Many additional features can be enabled, for example helical interpolation, larger program storage memory, additional work co-ordinate pairs and many others.

Contact us and find out what your control is capable of: