Industrial Robots

FANUC Robot i Series is a range of highly-reliable, intelligent robots with the user-friendly R-30iB Plus controllers, featuring intelligence and networking functions for a wide range of versatile applications. A large variety of robots is available featuring payloads from 500g to 2.3 tons.

These robots can be used in a broad field of applications, including Collaborative Applications, Arc Welding, Spot Welding, Assembly, Machine-Loading, Palletising, Materials Handling, etc. All robots can be fitted with a 2D or 3D Vision system, which can vastly improve your application and cycle time.





FANUC’s arc welding robots are the perfect fit for your manufacturing operation. The FANUC ARC Mate Series robots are sure to add value by maximizing productivity and quality, minimizing manufacturing costs, and improving the safety of your workplace.

FANUC advanced robotic technology, coupled with arc welding process solutions provided by our Authorized System Integration partners helps manufacturers increase their competitive position in today’s global economy.



FANUC robots are the perfect fit for your assembly operation – whether simple or complex.  Compact, highly dexterous robots are playing an ever-increasing role in assembly, providing a wide range of advantages including:

  • Increased flexibility compared to fixed automation
  • Integrated iRVision minimizes errors
  • Higher speeds and performance maximize throughput
  • Increased system uptime



Apply your adhesives with more precision, accuracy and efficiency with dispensing robots from FANUC. Using dispensing robots for sealer applications provide a variety of advantages including:

  • Improved safety from hazardous work environments
  • Consistent sealer application reduces waste material
  • Higher speed performance and productivity enhancements
  • Increased system uptime



FANUC offers a wide range of standard and collaborative robots for machine tending.  In addition to machine load/unload, the robots are able to perform additional cell-related tasks such as material removal, quality control, specification checks and surface inspections.  Automated machine tending provides the following advantages:

  • Increased flexibility compared to fixed automation
  • Minimal errors with integrated iRVision
  • Higher speeds and performance maximizes throughput
  • Increased system uptime



FANUC’s material removal solutions cover an extensive variety of applications. iRVision provides real time error proofing to ensure proper process and product quality.

Our Authorized System Integrators offer the most unique and flexible solutions in the industry for cutting, grinding, deburring, deflashing, polishing, waterjet cutting, routering, and more.



FANUC has a full range of painting and coating robots. Robotic painting and coating provides a wide range of advantages, including:

  • Improved safety in hazardous painting work environments
  • Consistent paint application significantly reduces material waste
  • Higher product speeds and productivity
  • Increased system uptime



FANUC offers an extensive line-up of industrial palletizing robots. These robots are equipped with iRVision and are capable of up to 30 cycles per minute or more in a well-optimized system.

FANUC palletizing robot solutions vary from 6kg to 1200kg or more payload to suit nearly any palletizing application. We have the widest range of products and the most capable Authorized System Integrators in the industry.



FANUC offers an extensive line-up of industrial part transfer robots. These robots are equipped with iRVision and are capable of high speed transfer in a well-optimized system.



FANUC’s industrial picking and packing robots are built with maximum repeatability for more precise, efficient, and sustainable automated solutions.

The newest innovations to the picking robot family are the M-1iA, M-2iA, and the M-3iA Delta Robots. In addition, FANUC has the most capable Authorized System Integrators, and the widest range of packaging products in the industry, including iRVision, iRPickPRO simulation, and iRPickTool Software.



Manufacturers who apply robotic spot welding robots immediately see advantages as compared to a manual process, including:

  • More cost effective
  • Weld consistency
  • Ability to reach difficult welds
  • Higher repeatability
  • Floor space savings


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